Monday, August 4, 2014

Potty Training Strategies

Potty Like A Boss...

I have some strategies for potty training I was taught recently when I attended the Son-Rise Program training.  

1. Get excited about potty training your child, put your energy into it and keep trying
2. Teach your child to be aware of the sensation, talk about how it feels in your tummy when you have to go
3. Show your child step by step, and explain what you're doing, meaning bring them in to the bathroom and let them see you go, our kids are not used to actually seeing pee and poop in the toilet, so they don't realize that's where it actually goes
4. Announce how proud and excited you are that YOU (mom) went to the bathroom, do a happy dance and celebrate, or for that matter when dad goes too, tell him to come out of there saying he's proud of what he just did, lol. Bring your child in, show off, let them help flush. Then give a high five and celebrate.
5. Talk about going to the bathroom at other times, when you're not in there, make it a topic of conversation and not so private
6. When they go in a pull-up, take the poopy diaper and shake it into the toilet and then get them to help you flush it, saying that's actually where the poop goes!
7. Stop using the really super absorbant diapers, they wick away too much moisture so they don't get that wet feeling.
8. Put on underwear and let them get wet, resist the urge to change your child immediately, let them feel wet for 10-15 minutes, to realize the uncomfortable feeling of it.
9. Get a camping toilet to put in your play area, so that its easily accessible at all times (they are bigger than a toddlers potty) just until they learn.
10. Never get upset about it, always make it fun and without stress. Expect some messes.
11. Make a huge deal about it if they even try to sit on the potty, dance, jump around, sing a song about the potty, make them excited to do it again.
12. Be patient and keep trying :)

Other helpful stuff

Potty watch timer to keep trying at set intervals (ebay: link)
Potty training social story video for Aspergers:
PECS Potty training kit (etsy: link):

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