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Shamanic Healing, Horses & The Power of Prayer

Shamanic Healing

Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta of the Children of the 7 Rays:Shamanic Healer from Peru

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The Horse Boy
The Horse Boy is the title of an autobiographical book and a documentary feature film that follow the quest of Rupert Isaacson and his wife to find healing for their autistic son Rowan. After discovering that Rowan's condition appears to be improved by contact with horses and other animals, the family leave their home in Texas on an arduous journey to seek help from the traditional shamans in Mongolia. The book and film follow the family as they travel via the UK by plane, van and on horseback in an attempt to treat the boy's condition with shamanic healing. Trailer here:

Link to full movie -US viewers only (here)

I'm actually not a very religious person at all, I like to think of myself as spiritual, and I very much believe in the power of positive thought, regardless of your faith. I truly love science and find it fascinating, and as I read about quantum physics and the true nature of the universe, I do see how interconnected we are. I kind of sit on the fence between science and spirituality, that is me. I loved the movie The Horse Boy, and that's what got me thinking about shamanic healing. We took my daughter to see the shaman from Peru (above) and although there were no "miracles" that took place immediately, we did have a positive feeling from the experience. The healing we truly needed was more between my husband and myself (very true), and we needed to shift our energy to positively effect my daughter's energy to a calm state. I can say we are all more calm now. He left us with a chant to do daily as she's sleeping, and we left him with a photo of her to use in his prayer ceremonies. All in all I really enjoyed the experience. I like to keep an open mind, especially when its not going to harm anybody involved. To this day we do the chant before we go to sleep, and at the very least its a reminder that we hope for healing and send positive thoughts to our daughter.

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