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Finding A Biomedical Doctor

Since its establishment in 1967, the Autism Research Institute (ARI) has had as a major priority the tracking of promising treatments for autism. Autism is not caused by a deficiency of Ritalin or Risperidal, it is a whole body medical disorder. Intensive study of the scientific literature, and analysis of case reports from thousands of parents of asd children have shown there is much that can be done NOW to help many children with autism.
Parent Ratings of Biomedical Interventions

To accelerate the development and dissemination of information that will be helpful to many families of autistic children, the Autism Research Institute convened the first Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) conference in Dallas in January, 1995. Thirty carefully selected physicians and scientists, from the U.S. and Europe, with special expertise in autism research and treatment, attended. Psychiatry, neurology, immunology, allergy, biochemistry, genetics and gastroenterology were among the fields represented. There was a cordial meeting of the minds and a very rapid consensus among the participants.

Defeat Autism Now! conferences (NOW called ARI) are held each Spring and Fall to further advance the treatment of autism. The conferences have produced a large base of physicians who wish to employ rational, scientifically sound approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of autism, and who regard psychoactive drugs as their last choice, not their first.

A Summary of the (ARI) DAN! Protocol by Miriam Jang, M.D. :

ARI’s focus is on evidence-based treatments.

ARI is a major proponent of the biomedical approach for autism treatment, compiling evidence from autism research experts and parents to share information about the most viable treatments for common autism symptoms. The premise for integrative medical intervention is that certain neurological disorders, including autism, might be caused by environmental triggers that compromise the gastrointestinal, immunological, and neurological systems; gastrointestinal, in that those with autism tend toward constipation and/or diarrhea and often have abnormal cravings or abhorrence for certain kinds of food; immunological, in that many have poor regulation of the immune system; and decreased ability to fight infectious diseases, and some are prone to allergies; and neurological, in that hypo- or hypersensitive to sensory impressions is very common. Proponents of integrative medical intervention claim that children with autism generally improve the health of all three systems with an adapted or 'special' diet, or with the addition to their diet of certain dietary supplements, nutrients, and enzyme supplements. Based on this premise, what is often diagnosed as autism or PDD is seen as a physiological syndrome involving many parts of the body that could be treated as a physiological disorder.

What started out as the “Defeat Autism Now!”(DAN!) movement, then morphed into the Autism Research Institute or ARI (which continues to support autism research and provide needed information and support for families and individuals with autism spectrum disorders), has finally become a full-fledged medical society “for the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders and chronic special needs.” MAPS (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs)

What is MAPS?

 The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS) program has been developed by leading physicians, scientists, researchers and experts in the area of pediatric special needs, environmental medicine, GI issues, pediatrics, neurological disorders, genetics, nutrition and mitochondrial dysfunction, as well as other related fields.

Answering the call of both parents seeking qualified genetics care for their special needs children and doctors seeking further education in the field, we have come together to provide comprehensive education and fellowship of medical professionals for the treatment of children with Neuro-developemental disorders and related chronic complex conditions associated with autism spectrum disorders.

Many of the DAN! doctors are now going through the MAPS fellowship training, however those who are not can still be a valuable resource for continuing the DAN! biomedical protocol.

If you can't find a doctor in your area through the following lists, then do your own research and search your area through google

DAN! Physician Referral List:

Generation Rescue's Find A Physician List:

MAPS (Medical Association of Pediatric Special Needs) Clinician List:

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