Friday, June 29, 2012

Leach Aluminum from Your Body: Drink Silicon-Rich Water

The video is a lecture given by Dr. Exley at the Vaccine Safety Conference on 4 November 2011. He focuses on what is known, and what is not known, about the effects of aluminum on the body. Towards the end, he explains that silicon can act to leach aluminum from the body, and that drinking silicon-rich mineral water can do the trick. Dr. Exley states that the brand name Volvic is the most silicon-rich brand he’s aware of. If you do choose to buy it, be sure not to purchase one of their flavored waters, which can contain a host of nasty ingredients, including sucralose, acesulfame K, potassium benzoate, and ever so deceptive “natural flavour”.

*Update Aug.2013*
I did some research online to find the mineral content and quality of bottled waters, and found that Fiji water was also high in silicon, and easier to find in North America. I have been using this water in my daughters smoothies daily for less than a year now, and she has gone from 11 ug/g to 5.6 ug/g , so from high levels to normal now. My daughter did not receive aluminum from vaccines as shes not been vaccinated, so I am not sure exactly how she had high levels, but regardless, its a neurotoxin and needed to be removed.

Compare the mineral content of your spring waters at:
 Dr. Chris Exley’s Aluminum in Vaccines Lecture [51:01]

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